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Purple Tea Bath Salt

Purple Tea

Dead Sea Bath Salt

Balancing / Healing

Purple flower Teas & Plant Root

100% Dead Sea Salt


Net Weight: 11FL OZ | 325ML

Glass Jar / Metal Lid (Recyclable)


  • Extra coarse grain
  • 100% Pure Dead Sea salt from Israel contains the highest amount of minerals that help detoxify, ease stress and treat sore muscles.
  • This bath salt comes with one FREE reusable cotton bath tea bag. Fill it up and toss a bag in a warm bath––no herbs clogging the drain or mess clean up required.

Purple Tea Bath Salt

SKU: 2000277
  • This exquisite bath salt is loaded with healing purple flower teas, including Butterfly Pea, Globe Amaranth, and Lavender, creating beautiful and rejuvenating purple soaking water. Burdock roots aid in detoxifying the skin, promoting blood circulation, and healing skin tissue while balancing the skin.


    The calming Lavender with a grounding woody aroma promotes relaxation and treats anxiety & depression.

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