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Purple Potion Face Essence Toner

Purple Potion

Face Essence Toner


Vetiver Root / Ginseng Root & Pomegranate Enzymes

Balancing / Regulating sebum production

Net Weight: 3.7 FL OZ/ 100 ML

Glass Bottle with inner stopper / Recyclable

Purple Potion Face Essence Toner

SKU: 2000177
  • A plant root-enriched essence toner features Vetiver root with a blend of Ginseng, Burdock, and Pomegranate enzymes to help balance and clarify pores,  restore pH, and regulate sebum production, keeping the skin's layers healthy. The antioxidant-rich Purple Butterfly Pea and Gomphrena flowers strengthen the skin's natural defenses while stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis.

    Vetiver root's earthy aroma calms the skin upon application.

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