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Purple Beauty Sponge

Purple Beauty Sponge


A multi-functional beauty sponge is made with latex-free foam for flawless full-face makeup application.

It comes in an acrylic cube box.
Both sponge and box can be reused and recycled.

Size: 2"x 2"

Purple Beauty Sponge

SKU: 2000178
  • This multi-functional Purple beauty sponge is made with a latex-free foam that expands in water about double its size and has a super-soft touch.

    Wet use: Suitable for liquid makeup (BB cream, concealer, liquid foundation, etc.)

    Dry use: Suitable for powder makeup (blush, pressed powder, loose powder, highlighters, etc.)

  • Wet sponge with water, then squeeze out excess liquid. Apply product onto the sponge, then blend lightly. After each use, clean the sponge with warm soapy water to remove makeup and grime. Gently roll it on a clean towel to remove excess moisture and lay it flat to dry thoroughly.

    • Avoid nails and sharp objects when washing and using.
    • Place it in a cool and ventilated place.
    • Replace every two to three months upon signs of wear and tear.
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