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Green Tea Vita-Complex Face Mist

Green Tea Vita-Complex Face Mist


Green TEA EGCG / Multivitamins

Vitalizing / Nourishing


Net Weight: 3.4 FL OZ/ 100 ML (Glass Spray Bottle)

Green Tea Vita-Complex Face Mist

SKU: 2000113
  • This potent blend of green tea EGCG, herbal extracts, essential vitamins A to E complex, and minerals delivers a rich source of antioxidants and vital nutrients for the skin on a daily basis, promoting healthy and revitalizing skin. Adding cucumber, desert lime, and mint tea water provides a refreshing and cooling burst, soothes inflamed skin, and reduces puffiness.

    The spa-like aroma from the herbal water, which is not overpowering, makes you feel refreshed and awaken your senses.

    Suitable for all skin types / Oil & Alcohol-Free

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