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Banana Blossom AQP Milk Serum

Banana Blossom AQP Milk Serum



Net Weight: 1 oz | 30 ml

Banana Blossom + Banana Pulp/ Peel/ Seed oil

Seven Fermented Vegan Protein Milk

EGF/FGF / Aquaporin Enhancer/8D Hyaluronic Acid


A seven-fermented vegan protein milk serum infused with Banana Blossom water, fruit, and seed oil. Enhanced with Aquaporin boosters, including glycerol, eight types of hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and rejuvenating EGF and FGF. This superstar formula combats aging, dehydration, and pigmentation while strengthening the skin barrier for a revived, radiant, and deeply hydrated complexion, delivering a flawless, dewy finish


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Banana Blossom AQP Milk Serum

SKU: 12000772
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