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Blue Sea Collagens Essence Toner

Blue Sea Collagens

Face Essence Toner


Sea Plant Collagen Booster

Net Weight: 3.7 FL OZ/ 100 ML

Glass Bottle with inner stopper / Recyclable


Blue Sea Collagens Essence Toner

SKU: 2000179
  • The blue sea-inspired essence toner is a lightweight, easily absorbed formula infused with collagen-rich plants from the sea, including Phytoplankton, Sea Grape Caviar, Sea Moss, Fermented Sea Kelp, and Tripeptide-29. It helps maintain collagen, improves skin texture, hydrates, and regenerates damaged skin cells. The cooling effect of Blue Chamomile and Cypress water soothes inflamed skin, providing a refreshed and calm complexion.


    Suitable for all skin types.

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