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Q & A

How was Yunamis founded?

Despite not having naturally flawless skin, I've diligently worked to combat acne, large pores, and blemishes since my teenage years. My passion for natural skincare motivated me to create a formula that utilizes natural remedies to address my problematic skin. To achieve this, I obtained certification in natural skincare and started formulating skincare products.

After consistently using the formula I created for several years, I noticed significant improvements in my skin. My acne disappeared, my pores reduced in size, and blemishes faded away, leaving me with youthful-looking skin. The remarkable quality and effectiveness of the natural formula inspired me to launch a skincare business. Now, anyone can access these exceptional natural products and benefit from them.

How do you practice self-care effectively?

As part of my daily self-care routine, taking a bath is a relaxing and energizing experience. This ritual lets me clear my mind, reduce stress and anxiety, and renew my focus and energy. I especially enjoy using our herbal tea bath salt products, which help me recharge and rejuvenate my skin.

What other interests do you have?

I am deeply intrigued by color therapy and aromatherapy. I have found that these techniques, which utilize specific colors and natural aroma oils, can greatly enhance overall well-being, promote energy balance, induce relaxation, and even improve skin health. Incorporating these methods into our skincare lines adds to the overall experience and promotes self-care. Furthermore, it's reassuring to know that scientific research supports the effectiveness of these practices.

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